Ibrahim Mohalla cover three areas where namaz held during the month of Ramadan, i-e Noorhall, Ibrahim Masjid and Millwala Appartment. We performed duties at three places during the month of Ramadan. Our duty reporting time was 06:15 pm. COMMITTEES FOR EASY FLOW DURING RAMADAN We made following committees for khidmat in Ramadan. 1. Masjid Tanzeem…


Ramazan 1439 Hijri Activities – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

4 Namaz Centres are under Burhani Guards (AdamMohallah), AdamMasjid Badri Masjid Faiz-e-Hussaini Masjid (Old) Ramadan Namaz in Qazi Khan Saheb Compound (Light House) Water filling in 1.5 liters bottle approx 400 bottle daily & its distribution before magrib prayers. Flow management outside masjid & its surrounding includes two main road before & after prayers magrib….


Ramadan Medical Health Awareness Camp DIV III (AMB)

3 Day Medical Camp (Friday,18th May 2018 to Sunday,20th May 2018) In lights of Maula (TUS) farman, We BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS DIV III organized Ramadan medical health awareness program for mumineen to take care of themselves from Heat stroke, Sugar, Blood Pressure and other ailments for the health of mumineen. After Iftar jaman. 1st Day…


Ramazan Ul Moazzam 1439h – Div II – Taheri Mohallah

This is a short summary of our khidmat that we performed in the month of Ramazan 1439h under the banner of Burhani Ambulance Corps Division II. Our Khidmat included following duties: Security around masjid complex, Iftaar distribution, Taam khidmat, Traffic Control, Sehan Duty (Maintaining discipline), Vajebaat Takhmeen & Adaigi khidmat, 23rd mi raat preparations, Masjid…


Tahfeem Sabaq (AMB) DIV 3

Tahfeem Sabaq (AMB) DIV III Starts tafheem sabaq for members of Guards,Scouts,MTC and Vigilance(BVC) to take the knowledge of deen and duniya with Raza Mubarak of Amil Saheb. Our main focus to members make him self foster in deeni oomer and make his Amal to take khushi of AQA MAULA (TUS) in his khidmat.. May…


Burhani Blood Bank – BAC DIV VIII

Burhani Ambulance Corps has been involved in the service of Dawoodi Bohra Community and needs no introduction. For the last several years, we have been arranging different programs from which all can benefit; like providing medical services, organizing health awareness programs, arranging entertainment programs etc. We Burhani Ambulance Corps, Division VIII organized a successful Blood…


Urus Maultena-Hurrat-ul-Maleka R.A – Majlis-(AMB) DIV III

Urus Maultena-Hurrat-ul-Maleka R.A – Majlis (AMB) DIV III Members of Burhani Guards, Scouts, Vigilance and MTC were called on duty at Husamiyah Masjid on 7:30 p.m. Guard members had complete control of the flow of traffic and Parking surrounding area of Masjid. Scouts members make sure to momeneen to sit in masjid no one are…


Burhani Guard Trust Meeting with Division III (AMB)

Burhani Guard Trust Meeting with Division III (AMB) Central Body has arrange a general meeting with the division members on 7th April 2018 at Husamiyah Masjid with Division III team. Meeting start 08:00 pm with starting of Tilawat, Yasyedas Shudai,Fulkul Hussain and Matam of Imam Hussain A.S. Short briefing of new found trust was given…