Urs Raat Syedna Tahir Saifuddin RA – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Members of MTC, Guards, Scouts and Shaheen were called on duty at Adam Masjid at 7:30 pm. Guard members had complete control of the flow of traffic and movement of momeneen in crossing the road. Parking adjacent to Masjid was managed efficiently by scout and guard members. MTC arranged momeneen in the Masjid. Burhani Guard…

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UPLIFTMENT PROGRAM 1439H – Division 5 – (Ibrahim Mohallah)

We the Bohra community feel very proud that we have a leader Mufaddal Maula (TUS) who always think about mumineen. Our lakhoon sajadatis shukr for the naemats that shower upon us and the nawazishat of Mufaddal Maula (TUS). Though thousands of miles away we all stay in Maula (TUS) heart. Likewise last years, once again…



On 25-02-2018, our scouts organized cycle rally which starting from our mohalla at 07:30 am and passing through Bhai jee Bhai Roza, Scout Head quarter and ended at Frere Hall, where scouts performed their class activities, played game, etc. Our guard’s members also participated in this event.  

Firefighting and Safety Training Program by Division 4

Firefighting and Safety Training – Yusufi Mohalla – Division 4

A event held by the Burhani Scouts of Division 4 , Karachi , Pakistan . In light of the constant increase in hazards due to uncontrolled fires , and unimaginable losses of life taking place, Division 4 scouts of Shabbirabad with the help of the Umoor e Sehet Department and  Falah e Insaniyat Foundation hosted…