Ramadan 1440H- Division I – Adam Mohallah

4 Namaz Centres are under Burhani Guards (AdamMohallah), AdamMasjid Badri Masjid Faiz-e-Hussaini Masjid (Old) Ramadan Namaz in Qazi Khan Saheb Compound (Light House) Water filling in 1.5 liters bottle approx 400 bottle daily & its distribution before magrib prayers. Flow management outside masjid & its surrounding includes two main road before & after prayers magrib….


Ramadan 1440H- Division V – Ibrahim Mohallah

Shehrullah il Moazzam – A month of countless blessings & peace. A month in which you will get 70 for 1 for your every act of kindness. A month in which always comes to ensure Rehmat – Magfirat & Itqum Minnan Nar. Keeping in mind the importance of these days & to provide the maximum…

Ramadan 1440H- Division III – AMB

Pre-Ramadan Working: As we drew closer to the Holy month of Ramadan ul moazzam, we individuals from Burhani Ambulance Corps DIV III are combine doing endeavors and khidmat to encourage and facilitate Mumineen as much as we can. The getting ready for Ramadan was begun 15 days preceding pehli raat. With coordination of metropolitan town…


Ramadan 1440H- Division II – Taheri Mohallah

This report is a short summary of what we did in the month of Ramazan Ul Moazzam 1440H under the banner of Burhani Ambulance Corps Division II – Taheri Mohallah. It Focuses on the various khidmat done by our members: Security Iftaar Taam Traffic Control Vajebaat Takhmeen Vajebaat Adaigi Sehan Duty Shahadat Maula Ali (AS) Waaz Mubarak Duty 23rd…


Ramadan 1440H- Division IX – Saleh Mohallah

As like every year Burhani Ambulance Division IX perform various khidmats in Holy Month of Ramadan with compliance of Burhani Guards, Scouts, MTC, and Girls Guide and Vigilence. The Various Khidmat which are done by us are as follow: WAJEBAAT TAKMIN BHETHAK WAJEBAAT ADAIGI BHETHAK SECURITY & PARKING FLOW MANAGEMENT MISAQ MAJLIS Al TAMREEZ (SICKMEN…


Disposing of Deeni things – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Burhani Guards Adam Mohallah on Sunday 14 April took a very good initiative of disposing Deeni Kutub Quran Majeed Deeni Clothes Mumineen Topis Duat Photos & Many such stuffs Messages were broadcast among Mohalla Mumineen to deliver such things to Adam Masjid and up to amaze such a big quantity of all above items were…