Shaheen Sunday Activity – Div 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

Division 16 Shaheen members planned some thing unique and they went to Turtle Beach for their Sunday Activities. In morning they gathered at Markaz at 7:45 am and the journey started at 8:30 am. We performed different activities. 1) Tilawat-e-Quran 2) Shaheen Promise 3) Find the wood n note Clove Hitch. 5) Refreshment Break 4)…


Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Ibrahim Mohalla – Division 5

Being the part of Burhani Ambulance Corps, Division 5 engaged in various activities during Ashara Mubarak 1441H.   “Our activities has been divided into 2 areas:- – Ibrahim Masjid – Noor Hall” “Other than routine duties this year we had some Extra activities during Ashara Days which includes – Random Inspections – Exchange Captains for…

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Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Mohallah tul Fakhriyah – Division 16

During Moharram ul Haraam the days of Imam Hussain, we members of Division 16 Guards, Scouts,Shaheen,MTC, Ladies Guide and Vigilance,  performed both fulfilling the Deeni Umoors and also performing Khidmat with Khuloos and Nishat to get the Khushi Mubarak of Imam Hussain and His Dai Ali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS). We members performed following Khidmats…

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Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Adam Mohallah – Division -I

Members were ready for the azeem khidmat of Ashara Mubarak since a weeks ahead, this year also Burhani Guard (Adam Mohalla) did the khidmat of Tayzeen. From the first day till ashura members were call on duty by 9:00am. Mumineen bikes were parked on the backside empty plot of masjid, about 200 motor cycles were…


Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – AMM – Division 8

Security arrangement Police personnel were deputed around Masjid-e-Hakimi Complex and surrounding area Police and Rangers mobile were also patrolling randomly around Masjid-e-Hakimi and surrounding areas H.O also visited on 8th Moharram 1441H to review security arrangements and also did have Niaz-e-Hussain. Masid and its outer area is also under camera surveillance. Rahat block arrangement Separate…

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Ashara Mubarak Preparation — Division -I — Adam Mohallah

As the days of ashara mubarak are near members hold hand in hand to make the area of masjid clean for mumeen. Members were call up for the preparation at adam masjid on the last sunday of 1440 and also at 1st Moharram night 1441. Members clean the area of masjid front & plot area,…



PROTEST FOR KASHMIR- DIV III AMB On Friday 30 August 2019 at 12:00 pm our members of DIV III are come out for protest to show our loyalty towards for our country.


Ashara Mubaraka 1441H – Saifee Mohallah – Division 14

Khidmat Performed in Ashara Mubaraka 1441H Wa’az Duty at Saifee Mohallah: Reporting time for morning wa’az was 9:00AM sharp. All members reported on time and were allocated duties. Members were deputed for duties at ground, entrance/exit gates & outside the compound. Khabargiri: Members also performed khabargiri of mumineen to bring them in waaz before time…


Shehrullah il Moazzam Working Report 1440 – Div 5 Ibrahim Mohallah

Shehrullah il Moazzam – A month of countless blessings & peace. A month in which you will get 70 for 1 for your every act of kindness. A month in which always comes to ensure Rehmat – Magfirat & Itqum Minnan Nar. Keeping in mind the importance of these days & to provide the maximum facilitation…