Scouts – Court of Honor Meeting – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division 7

On Tuesday night all N.C.O’s were called for and important discussion. The meeting was lead by the Assistant senior patrol leader as the senior patrol leader was out of city. All APL’s and PL’s were informed about the meeting that was to be conducted on the next day. Points discussed were: Issues regarding the meeting…


Scouts Drill Practice – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division 7

On Wednesday night all members of scouts were called up for drill practice and fallen rules preparation. Members reported sharp at 8:30 pm and the session was started. Members were instructed about the proper way to march and perform steps upon the question said. The meeting ended at 9:30 .


Scouts Uniform Inspection – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division 7

30th June 2013 – The central inspection was held on sunday 30th june 2013 at mohammadi masjid at 8:30 am sharp All members reported half an hour earlier and gathered the ones who were not there. The inspection was conducted by the Scouts and Shaheen Coordinators namely Mulla Aliasghar bhai Amaan Mulla Aliasghar samiwala Yousuf Mazher…

Signalling Performance on Scouts Day

On the Occasion of Scouts Day Division 7 members namely: Murtaza Juzer Huzefa Juzer Mohammed Hussain Zohair Sh Saifuddin were called to display their signalling skills at gulistane Johar Scouts colony. A Single tower was prepared and members climbed up and displayed signalling message given by the Sindh Commissioner Mr. Akhtar Meer The message was…


Urs Syedna Noor Mohammed Nooruddin (r.a) – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division 7

The urus majlis started at 7:45 pm sharp Members of Burhani Scout and guards were called in complete uniform to perform kidmat in various departments. Burhani scout performed in complex parking, chairs setting and zu’uf khidmat whereas guards over looked security, flow management and parking outside complex. Majlis concluded at 9:45 pm followed by dinner…


Shaheen Weekly Meeting – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division-7

The meeting was conducted on sunday and all members gathered at masjid at 9:30 am. The fall-in was called and a proper assembly was conducted in which qirat, shaheen promise, shaheen laws were recited. Furthermore drill was conducted and was followed by training session of pioneering and ended with a fun game.


Weekly Scouts Meeting – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division-7

The weeklymeeting of scouts was held on saturday night at 8 pm sharp at mohammadi masjid soldier bazar. The meeting was started with tilawat and then followed by attendance. The topic for the meeting was firstaid and it was presented on powepoint on projector so that members could gain interest and learn something out of…