I.T Presentation Meeting

On Wednesday 29th April 2015, central team Of I.T members give a brief presentation regarding I.T among the Bgt Members. Division 4, Division 6 and Division 13 were present to attend this meeting.


Jumua Namaz – Division 13

Reporting time for jumua namaz was 12:30 pm. Members were deputed with their respected duty points like: Flow management of Mumineen, diverting the traffic and blocked the streets near masjid premises.


Jumua Namaz Duty – Division 13

Reporting time for Jumua namaz was 12:30 pm. Member reported to their duty points near masjid premisis. Members were patroling near masjid premisis and gateway society.


16mi Raat Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A – Division 13

16mi Raat darees majlis reporting time was 7:45 pm. Members were deputed in their respective areas. Members managed the flow of mumineen and control the traffic route as well. Scouts managed the flow of mumineen by crossing the road and control the traffic. Car parking of Cars and bike were managed by Burhani Guards members. After Majlis…


Milad Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA 1436H

On the Occasion of Milad Dai-uz-Zaman A.S, Members reporting time was 6:00 pm. All the Members of Burhani guards and Scouts were allocated with their respective duty points and performed their duty actively. Members performed various duties like Parking, Flow management, Masjid Security,Road crossing, wheelchair for handicapped mumineen etc. Burhani Guards Arz Najwa tus Shukar…


Qadam Of Sahezada Saheb

Shaheza saheb visit Burhani Mohallah for Qadam and Ziafat in the Morning at 8am. The reporting time was 7.30 am. Members performed their duties in uniform. Members were allocated with their respective areas i.e Buildings in Masjid Society, bungalows and across the road. Members lift Palki for Sahezada Saheb respectively. Members Pick up plenty of…


Ashara Mubaraka 1436H – Burhani Mohollah – Division 13

Activities of Burhani Scout Division 13 – Burhani Mohallah during Ashara Mubaraka 1436H Reporting time for Waaz majlis was 09:00 am and for evening majlis 7:30 pm Street leading to the masjid were blocked for traffic for security reasons. Members were deputed for duties at parking, Masjid surrounding, traffic management, shoe stalls, entrance/exit gates, ITS…