Urus Majlis Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin RA – Al Mohallah Tul Mohammediyah

18 November 2013 – Reporting time was 7:00 pm and members were sent to their duty points as they were arriving. Majlis was relay from Taheri masjid which started at 7:30 pm. After Majlis there was Niaz-e-Hussain for all mumineen who had attended Majlis. In the members were called off from their duty points and were…


Ashara 1435h – Al Mohallatul Mohammadiyah – Division 8

Activities of Division 8 – Al Mohallatul Mohammadiyah during Ashara Mubaraka 1435h Reporting time for Waaz majlis was 08:30 am and for evening majlis 6:45 pm The whole complex of the Masjid was covered with kana`at and blocked with barricades. Assisting Tolobaul Kuliyaat Tul Muminoon to manage flow of mumineen for scanning of ITS cards….


Milad Aali Qader Maula – Al Mohallatul ul Mohammadiyah – Division 8

Division 8 organised a cake cutting ceremony on the hands of Amil Saheb Janab Yahya Bhaisaheb after Maghrib Namaz on Milad raat of Aali Qader Maula Syedi Mufaddal Bhai Saheb T.U.S. Division 8 also distributed gift hampers to children and Peki Cakes to all Mumineen of Al Mohallah Tul Mohammediyah on Laila Tul Qader.


Ramadan-al-Moazaam Activities – Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah – Division 8

Reporting time for Ramadan duty is 6:00 pm. We perform several duties 6:00 pm to Niaz Jaman. Before maghrib we distribute iftari (biscuits) to mumineen, to look after parking and shoe locker stalls in both gents and ladies. After iftari scouts members move mumin to mumin to gather biscuit wrappers. After Isha Namaz and Jaman…