Urus Syedi Hakimuddin R.A – 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

The reporting time for Urus Syedi Hakimuddin R.A Majlis was 7:30 pm sharp, 4 members reported on 6:45 pm to ensure parking arrangements for momineens who performed namaz with imamat. Members of Burhani Guards managed following duty points: Parking Security Flow management Surrounding area’s where momineens enter and exit masjid premises. Members of Burhani Scouts managed…


16mi Raat Darees – 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

-On the occasion of 16mi raat darees the reporting time was 7:30 pm and 4 members were called on 6:30 pm to ensure the parking arrangements for the momineens who came to offer namaz. -On this occasion Burhani Guards, scouts and MTC not only performed duty but also participated in pledges for the moharram 1437-H….


Ramadhan – 1436H – Division III – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS DIVISION III RAMADHAN 1436-H REPORT The month of blessings, ibadat and khidmat is ended as we Burhani Guards, Scouts and MTC members did our best to perform khidmat and provide momineen with best of the facilities, parking arrangements and security. Some main points which we covered during the holy month of Ramadhan…


Sports Activity Program- Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

As meeting started at 08:30 am with Tilawat-e-Quran Majeed and Shaheen-Scout Promise. Then Flag hosting took place. After that inspection got started of both Shaheen & Scouts. Then on wards (Change the dress) game was played between selected members of Shaheen & Scouts after that game , all members had refreshments and then prize distribution ceremony was held  and prizes were…


Burhani Scouts & Shaheen Sports Acitivities – Division 3

The reporting time for the sports activities was 7:00 am sharp. After fall-in, breakfast was provided to members. The following games were included in the sports activities: Cricket Tournament Shaheen and Scouts. Treasure Hunt and trail ( 1 member per patrol). Kims Game ( 1 member per patrol) Tug of war (All members The sports day…