Transfer Ceremony – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

It is a tradition of the division that when a member gets transferred from shaheen to scout a short ceremony is held, in which first transfer member will speak shaheen promise and then scout promise. After a long time; Yousuf bhai Mazhar recalled that ceremony.  


Adam Masjid Plot and Masjid Arena Nazafat Amal Division 1

As soon as we; the mumineen of Karachi heard about the visit of Aqa Maula (TUS) to Karachi, preparation started in all the Mohallah’s to welcome Aqa Maula (TUS). We the members of Burhani Guards & Scouts  of Adam Mohalla had started the nazafat amal in masjid arena along with other committees.  


Shaheen Award Ceremony – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

An award ceremony for shaheen members of Divison 1 was held on Sunday 11/10/2015 at Adam Masjid, in which Divison Captain, UL, DO and Scout committee was invited. Gifts were distributed to the member for their achievements by Yousuf Bhai Mazhar and Ali Bhai Fida Hussain Zakir.

Guards Member at Main Gate Adam Masjid

Urus Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin R.A-1436H-Division 1 Adam Mohallah

Members Burhani Guards and Scouts Group performed duty on Urus Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin(R.A) -1436H Vigelance Team clear all area and parking before majlis. Members perform duty at M.A Jinnah Road crossing and Paper market before majlis and after jaman. All members were allotted duties to their respective points.  


General Meeting was held at Division 1 Office on 25th August 2015

General Meeting was held at division 1 Adam Mohallah office, all members from guards, scouts and shaheens participated in the meeting. In this  meeting all members  did Azam to attend Ashara Mubaraka waaz before start as per Aqa Maula Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) Irshad-e-Aliyah and encourage family members.  

Adam masjid Surounding and Security at Zohar Namaz

Shehr-e-Ramazan ul Moazzam 1436H – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

15th July 2015 From 1st Ramazan members of Div 1 Adam mohallah were called up for the duty at 06:30 pm for the clearance of masjid complex. Vigilance Group members were called earlier for parking arrangement and clear out masjid surroundings from public vehicles. Members perform duty from 1st roza at M.A Jinnah road for crossing before…