Scout class – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Scout class was held on Saturday dated:- 30th Oct 2016. Members were given short revision about how to bind a book and assigment was given to member to bind a book from home. Two groups were made for the training of Pioneering Knots. Class was conduct by Petrol Leader Burhanuddin Ratlam.


Ashara 1438 Moharram ul Haram – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Members are called up for the duty on 8:45 am in proper uniform to clear the complex of masjid and duties were allocate by their incharges. Members of Burhani Guards and few members of Burhani Scouts take special task to bring zufa mumeen into waaz from home. Scout members duties are as follows in waaz…


Waaz Majlis on the occasion of Eid -e Gadeer – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Date:- 19-09-2016 On the event of Eid-e-Gadeer Khum Waaz reporting time for duty was 10:15 am. Members were present in uniform. Members were allotted duties by our Area Captain. Members set barricades in Masjid for Safaqat Majlis. Members lash barricades . Few guards and MTC members manage the flow of momineen for shafaqat bethak. Others…


Ashara 1438 Hijri Preparation at Adam Mohalla – Divison 1

By grace of Allah and blessing of Maula TUS we Burhani Guard  once again get a chance to do khidmat of mumeen and serve them more comfort level to get the barakat of Waaz Mubarak. In Adam Mohalla due to heavy traffic in front of masjid gates, we have made an alternate area for do…


Shaheen Class – Sunday 04th September 2016 – Adam Mohalla – Divison 1

Shaheen class was held at adam masjid on 4th September 2016. A movie session was conducted, named “ANGRY BIRDS”. All memz enjoyed alot. The objective of the activity was to impart moral through the movie regarding Team work, value to others opinions, self dependent. Memz wrote the morals after the movie and 2 morals were…