Burhani Car Rally & Carnival 2014

We would like to offer Sajadaatus shukr on the Countless barakaat we have been blessed with in this golden Saifee Burhani era. AQA MAULA (TUS) keeps bestowing on us numerous benedictions and showers of barakaat. AQA MAULA (TUS) has created various initiatives such as  the Faiz-e-Mawaid-e-Burhaniyah, Nazafat. and Sport Activities. Faiz Thaali has been enriching…


Burhani Guards (Pakistan) Ziyafat during Ashara 1436H – Surat

Sajdaaat tus Shukr on the countless barakaat; Burhani Guards (Pakistan) have been blessed with during Ashara 1436H – Surat. 100+ members got the sharaf of performing khidmat in Ashara and sharaf of partaking in Burhani Guards International Ziyafat on 11th Moharram 1436H. We, combine all our prayers with this one sole niyat that Allah Almighty…


Plantation Drive – 24 August 2014 – Burhani Scouts & Shaheen Units

24 August 2014: The members of Burhani Scouts and Shaheen from all divisions participated in the plantation drive held at Al-Nadil e  Burhani Sports Complex, Old Queens Road, Karachi. In which different groups had potted different plants around the complex, apart from this plantation drive, members also performed scouts drill and training activities and a…


We performed duties on following duty points at Burhani Mahal around 24 hours during Aqa Maula (T.U.S) visit from 07-07-2014 to 14-07-2014: 1. Insida Mahal Gate 2. Near Shehzada Ammar Bhaisahab stay place 3. Burhani Mahal Main Gate 4. Burhani Mahal Base 5. Sehri & Iftari arrangement team 6. Center Barricade 7. Main Road 8….


Burhani Shaheen Inter Division Cricket Tournament

11th may 2014, Burhani Ambulance corps has organised Burhani Shaheen Inter Division Cricket Tournament, 7 divisions participated in this tournament, each team has to play 2 pool matches on basis of pool matches result teams qualified for semi finals and then final. Final was played between Div no 7 (Mohammadi Mohallah) and Div no 16…


Burhani Scout Inter Division Volley Ball Tournament

4th May 2014, Burhani Ambulance Corps has organized Burhani Scouts Inter Division Volley Ball Tournament at Nadil-e-Burhani (Sports Complex).  5 Scouts unit participated in this tournament, each team has to play 4 pool matches, on basis of pool matches result team will be qualify for final. Div No.2 (Taheri Mohallah) and Div No.3 (Al-Mahallatul Burhaniyah)…