Shafahi & Tehriri Imtehan – Karachi Safar 1440H

23rd July 2019 Aqa Maula TUS graciously granted Raza Mubarak for Imtehan-us-Sanavi to be held at Al-Jamea-Tus-Saifiyah, Karachi. Relay raza was also granted at Husami Masjid where seating arrangement for all Mumineen and Muminaat was done. Aqa Maula TUS arrived at Al-Jamea at 10:15am and presided over the Shafahi Imtehan. Burhani Guards Pakistan performed various…


Magrib Namaz Burhani Masjid – Karachi Safar 1440H

21st July 2019 After nikkah & Zyafat Bhetak Aqa Maula tus went to Burhani Masjid Shabbirabad A block for magrib Isha namaz. Where thousand mumineen were present. Mumineen prayed with aqa maula tus then Aqa Maula tus gave deedar Sharaf to all Mumineen. After namaz Aqa Maula tus gave sharaf of Qadam, Majlis and Ziyafat.


Waaz Urus Syedna Idress Imaduddin (RA) – Karachi Safar 1440H

21st July 2019 Aqa Maula tus did Syedna Idris Imaduddin RA urs Mubarak waaz in Taheri masjid (Saddar) whereas waaz was telecasted in other masajid of Karachi. Waaz Mubarak Reporting time was 6:30am, Members Performed duty in Taheri Masjid and also in their respective Mohallah.


Zohr Asr Namaz & Wada Majlis Yousufi Masjid – Karachi Safar 1440H

26th July 2019 Our hearts were heavy, eyes full of tears as we prepared for Wada majlis at Yousufi Masjid, Shabbirabad Block-B, Karachi. Aali Qadr Maula TUS arrived at MSB Shabbirabad Campus where little students awaited Aik Nazar and got blessed with Deedar Sharaf. Aqa Maula TUS also looked upon the school campus, and then…


Magrib Namaz Imadi Masjid – Karachi Safar 1440H

20th July 2019 Aqa Maula TUS inaugurated New Masjid in Hussaini Mohallah in Defence, Karachi. Aqa Maula TUS arrived at the venue at 07:10pm, offered Maghrib & Isha namaz. Urs Raat Syedna Idrees Imaduddin RA majlis was held and Aqa Maula TUS named the new masjid Masjid-e-Imadi Divisions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11,…


Misaq & Nikkah Bethak Burhani Mehal – Karachi Safar 1440H

20th July 2019 Nikah & Misaaq baithak held at Burhani Mahal, Karachi. Members performed flow management, seating, security and various other duties. Aqa Maula TUS arrived at 10:00 am, and bestowed sharaf of Nikah & Misaaq. Divisions 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, MTC and Ladies Guides of Burhani Guards Pakistan performed duty and reported…


Fajr Namaz Adam Masjid – Karachi Safar 1440H

20th July 2019 Fajr Namaz was held at Adam Masjid, Karachi; located in old cuty area and is one of the oldest mosques in the city, approx. 100 years old. Aqa Maula TUS arrived at the venue and gave deedar sharaf to Mumineen after namaz. Units of Burhani Guards Pakistan peformed duty and reported at…


Istiqbal Duty Burhani Mehal – Karachi Safar 1440H

19th July 2019 Aqa Maula TUS arrived at Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Pakistan at 09:00pm. Governor Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail & Chief Minister Sindh Mr. Syed Murad Ali Shah received Maula TUS at the airport. Aqa Maula TUS then arrived at Burhani Mahal and gave deedar sharaf to an estimated 4000-5000 mumineen. Units of Burhani…


Zikra 1440H

Zikra 1440H Majlis was relayed in 3 Centres: Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah Taheri Masjid Yousufi Masjid More than 600 Burhani Guards and Scouts were performed duty to facilitate community members in traffic flow, parking and sitting arrangements.


Urus Bhaijee Bhai Saheb

On the night & day of 2nd Rajab-ul-asab, 1440H our divisions performed central duty at Bhaijee Bhai Saheb tomb on account of his urus mubarak. Our duty reporting time was 06:00pm. Our members performed following type of duties at there: Flow management of zaireen at road side Flow management of traffic Flow management of zaireen…