Burhani Training & Activity Camp 2012

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With the Raza and Dua Mubarak of Huzarala TUS, Burhani Ambulance Corps  arranged scouts activity and training camp on 25th , 26th& 27th December at MSB hyderi campus.

Following camp activity mention by date as they were performed:

25th December 2012

Reporting time for all campers was 10:00am sharp, at 10:00am assembly was held, 105 members of 3 groups were attending that assembly, after assembly to there was a draw held in which every group leader had to pick one slip for their group camp site, all campers were instructed to make model camp and gadgets.

At 11:30am Mulla Ali Asghar Aman & Mulla Ali Asgher Abid took class of camp pitching of all campers provide beneficial knowledge for camp pitching and how to pitch the camp after that all campers pitch their camp and making assign projects.

At 1:00pm all campers offer Zohar & Asar prayers and had lunch after that, all those members who appear in Quaid e Azam badge exam in 2009, 2010, & 2011 attend certificate distribution ceremony at Karachi Open District.

At 4:00pm Sh. Abbas bhai Ezzi provide some camp material management tips to all unit leaders and group leaders.

At 5:40pm all campers perform Magrib prayers and after that continue their assigned work and enjoyed Pakistan-India first T20 live commentatory at camp site, member had dinner at 10 pm

Lights off at 1:30am

26th December 2012

Morning wakeup call at 6:15 am for fajr prayer, campers had perform morning jerk on 7:00am, all members had breakfast on 7:30am

Remaining members of all units and Shaheen Scouts of all units report at camp site on 9:00am. 364members attend assembly at 9:30am in uniform

After assembly uniform inspection of Scout and Shaheen was held, inspection team were consists of following officers

For Scouts

1)      Mulla Shabbir Abdeali

2)      Mulla Ali Asgher Samiwala

3)      Mulla Mustafa Zakir Hussain

For Shaheen

1)      Mulla Ali Asgher Aman

2)      Mustafa Tinwala

3)      Moiz Murtaza Shaikhbhaiwala

Uniform Inspection Scout (Winner)               Unit No.3 (Al Mahallatul Burhaniyah)

Uniform Inspection Shaheen (Winner)          Unit No. 3 (Al Mahallatul Burhaniyah)

At 11:30am training classes of Scouts and Shaheen were held, scouts perform hike in Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah society conducted by Mulla Ali Asghar Hakimuddin, Shaheen Scouts classes of 1st, 2nd & 3rd parwaz were conduct by Mulla Ali Asgher Aman & Quaid Johar Ebrahim. Scouts classes of Pioneering were conduct by Yousuf Mazher, Mustafa Tinwala & Moiz Murtaza Shaikhbhai.

At 1:30pm members offered Zohar prayers and had lunch, after lunch all units given their camp fire item demonstration for selection in camp fire.

At 3:30pm all members were called in assembly ground for playing treasure hunt game at 5:40pm members offered Magrib prayers and then all members attend Darees followed by Quran Majeed Haflat, and had dinner after that.

At 09:30pm camp fire started with its traditional style by lighting fire, each unit presented Drama and each group presented Tablo, camp fire was judged by Sh.Abbas Ezzi, Mulla Shabbir Abdeali Gohar & Hussain Ismail Indorewala. Commander Burhani Guards Trust Shaikh Abdul Hussain Ratlamwala,    Asst. Commander Shaikh Hatim Rampurawala, Provincial Secretary Sind Boy Scouts Association       Mr. Akhter Mir, Assistant District commissioner Mr. Tahir Shaikh & Mr. Haider Sharif, District Secretary Mr. Aga Tahir, Other District officials, Trustees of Burhani Guards Trust, Captains of Divisions, parents of campers and Members of Burhani Ambulance Corps attended camp fire.

Camp Fire Group (Winner)               Group C

Camp Fire Unit (Winner)                   Unit No.4 (Yousufi Mohallah)

Lights off at 2:00pm

27th December 2012

Morning wakeup call at 6:15am for Fajr prayer, campers had perform morning jerk on 7:00am, all members had breakfast on 7:30am

Assembly was held at 9:00am, at 9:30am camp site (Model Camp) inspection and drill competition were held, inspection team consists of following members

1)      Mulla Hasan bhai Dohadwala

2)      Mulla Shabbir Abdeali Gohar

3)      Mulla Ali Asgher Aman

4)      Mulla Ali Asgher Samiwala

5)      Mustafa Tinwala

6)      Yusuf Mazher

7)      Quaid Johar Ibrahim (Shaheen)

8)      Mulla Mustafa Zakir  (Drill Competition)

Model Camp (Winner)                             Group A ( Div 7, 5, 10, 4 and 1) 

Drill Competition (Winner)                Unit No.8 (Al Mahallatul Mohammadiyah)

After Inspection result announcement and prize distribution ceremony were held, which was presided by Amil Saheb Al Mahallatul Burhaniyah Janab Shaikh Tahir bhai Rasheed accompanied by M. Amil Mulla Mustafa bhai Rasheed, Shaikh Abdul Hussain Ratlamwala and trustees of Anjuman-e-Burhani & Burhani Guards Trust. Participation certificates distributed to all campers & results announced for all competitions which were held in that camp.

Following are the winners of competition

1)      Model Camp                                       Group A ( Div 7, 5, 10, 4 and 1) 

2)      Camp Fire Group                           Group C

3)      Camp Fire Unit                               Unit No.4 (Yousufi Mohallah)

4)      Drill Competition                         Unit No.8 (Al Mahallatul Mohammadiyah)

5)      Uniform Inspection Scout

Unit No.3 (Al Mahallatul Burhaniyah)

Uniform Inspection Shaheen Scouts   Unit No. 3 (Al Mahallatul Burhaniyah)

Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah