Burhani Shaheen Group Activity – Div II – Taheri Mohallah

Categories: Domestic Events,Taheri Mohallah (Division-2)

Burhani Shaheen Division II Activity Class on Sunday 14th October 2018
The best subject for Shaheen Activity.
1. No wastage of food
2. Ahsin Ilaa Mann Asaa Ilaik
3. Moharramaat
4. Pollution
Members were divided in 4 groups and each group was given one topic. We were astonished to see the ideas of our members that at this age of 10-12 years they are completely educated of what is the Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS and how they can fulfill it.
Towards the end members promised with themselves that the thaal in which they are having food won’t run with a single dana wasted.

Glad to see the positive reaction.

Author: BAC-2 Taheri Mohallah