Burhani Shaheen Group Activity – Div II – Taheri Mohallah

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Burhani Shaheen Division II Activity Class on Sunday 7th October 2018

Warm up class after a short break of 3 weeks. Clay Modeling was the main activity for the day as members were separated in 4 groups (9 members in each group) and were given 3 balls, from which they were said to paint on any of the 4 subjects:
1. Earth (Save Water)
2. Plantation (Go Green)
3. Nazafat (Cleanliness)
4. Burhani Shaheen (Basic Knots)
Alhamdolillah all appeared there thought of all the better they can do.

Inshallah will be back with some new activities soon.

Author: BAC-2 Taheri Mohallah