Burhani Shaheen Group Activity – Div II – Taheri Mohallah

Categories: Domestic Events,Taheri Mohallah (Division-2)

Shaheen Div 2 Class on Sunday 4th February 2018
Competitions between 2 groups (RED and BLUE)
Word Building Activity
Groups were given 10 scattered words from which they need to make new words as much as they can. At last out of those new words they were said to influence a 3d model of any single word utilizing ice cream sticks. The best movement toward the beginning of the month.
Point chart is being kept up for every group. At the end of the month one group will win the title of Best Group of the Month.
Hope that they will give their best for the next week activity.
Inshallah will be back with something new.

Author: BAC-2 Taheri Mohallah