Burhani Scouts Training Class – Division II – Taheri Mohallah

Categories: Domestic Events,Taheri Mohallah (Division-2)

  • Scouts Training class was held at Taheri Masjid Complex.
  • Class was started after the recitation of Quran Majeed.
  • Activity was based on creative use of used bottles , newspapers etc.
  • This project was to utilize the waste newspaper  into creative things which we can use in our daily life.
  • This event was attended by senior’s of Burhani Guards and Scouts along with the Hussaini Bhai Bakoo (Captian  Div II).
  • They appreciated the members for their continuous hardworking for three weeks and for taking keen interest in making innovative things.
  • Members were appreciated by the souvenir along with certificates.



Author: BAC-2 Taheri Mohallah