Burhani Centennial Trade Expo 2011 opened up new dimensions of doing business amongst Businessmen of the Country and also those around the world. It gave exhibitors tremendous benefits and it was also a long-term investments for the growth of their businesses. This  Industrial and Trade Expo showcased products and trends from nearly all the sectors of the economy e.g., Paper,  IT,  Engineering, Jewelers, Realtors,  Textiles, Glass, Electronics,  Food & Beverages, Hardware, Building Material, Service Industry , etc.

The expo was an internationally acclaimed event with the aim of providing the best platform for companies, small and medium enterprises as well as suppliers to meet hundreds of potential customers.

Thought Behind the Event

As His Holiness Dr. Syenda Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) always emphasizes that a Mumin should feel proud of being a business owner

A mumin should be business minded and not service minded  (he should think like a business person).

Taking his guidance, we have planned BCTE 2011 to mark the 100th Birth Anniversary of His Holiness.

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