BGT Members participated in the Qaat Removal Campaign in Yemen

Categories: International Events

In the mid of January 2013, members of BGT-Pakistan left for Sanaa, Yemen to participate in the Qaat Removal Campaign. This campaign initiated by Aqa Moula Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (t.u.s) in 1381H constituted of eliminating Qaat and replacing it with coffee, wheat, strawberries and other vegetables varieties.

When reaching Sanaa, members where directly transported to Hutaib. Where after performing Ziarat of Syedna Hatim (r.a) they were appointed to Amaal, a small village within a 20-minutes drive from Hutaib. Being Amaal the central hub, members visited various distant villages, namely Bani Kehar, Khaddar, Uraais, Bani Ahlas, Arb, for removing Qaat.

In the last three days, members traveled to Shariqa, Shibaam, Zi Jibla, Taiba and Zabeed for Ziarat. The trip ended in the first week of February.

Author: Burhani Ambulance Corps (Central)