Ramadan Highlights – Ibrahim Mohallah – Division 5

Categories: Domestic Events,Ibrahim Mohallah (Division-5)

Reporting time for Ramadan duty is 6:30 pm. We perform several duties from 6:30 pm to Niaz Jaman. Before Maghrib we distribute water bottle to mumineen, During Namaz to Niaz Jaman, members perform khidmat to pick n drop services to mumineen via wheel chair and Motorcycle. After iftari our members gather biscuit wrappers and control masjid discipline. After Isha Namaz and Jaman members are dispersed to duty point for flow management, security levels and manage Wajebaat takhmeen bethak. After doing flow management members go for Niaz Jaman and then to home. After Jaman we prepared for Behori and Sehori.

Author: BAC-5 Ibrahim Mohallah