Ashara Ohbat 1437 Karachi – Burhani Guards Officers meeting

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Each year mumineen around the world, and in particular, we mumineen of Karachi – Pakistan, wait with  anticipation, for the fasal Mubarak of Ashara Mubaraka for that particular year.

However, this year it has to be different. With the ongoing ohbat, the intensity of purpose laid out by beloved AQA MAULA (TUS). Each day positive developments are being witnessed, the fence sitters are fast coming round into the mainstream. Each day, we witness new enthusiastic young faces, coming forward, to put their heart and mind, wealth and expertise to make the ‘moment’ happen.

Yes, in order to have this blessed ‘moment’, which will for ever enrich our lives, and that of our generations to come, we have to be focused, we all have to work hard. Keeping this in foresight Burhani Guards Trust – Karachi has always put her heart and soul fulfilling Aqa Maula (TUS) khushi mubarak.

On Sunday, 23rd August, 2015 an officers meeting was called where all officers of Burhani Guards did Azam of coming in the Waaz mubarak along with their families before the start.

Al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Abu Jafar al-Sadiq Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has directed Mumineen all over the world to ensure that they attend the majaalis of Ashara Mubaraka from the very first waaz, and punctually. In response to this divine call, On Sunday, 23rd August, 2015 at Al Nadil Burhani 2 an officers meeting was called where; the members of Burhani Guards – Pakistan; along with their families pledges to attend the Ashara Mubarakah 1437H from the very first day ON TIME, that is from 2nd of Moharram al-Haram 1437H. (14th October, 2015 to 22nd October, 2015)

Lastly, we combine all our prayers with this one sole niyat that Allah Almighty blesses a long and healthy life to our beloved bawa shafeeq Aqa Maula (TUS) till the final judgment day. (Ameen).

Author: Burhani Ambulance Corps (Central)