Ashara Mubaraka-1437H – Yousufi Mohallah – Division 4

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Ashara Mubaraka- 1437H

  • Reporting time was set at 9 am sharp and 7 pm for the Matami Majlis
  • Officer incharge: Mulla Saifuddin Lotia

Duties were divided into many segments:

  • Al-tamreez:

This faction consisted of about 6 members and Scouts under them   , their duties were to provide assistance in form of physical help or the logistical support to the Elderly who could not come to Masjid on their own. Wheelchairs were provided and other pick and drop services were also rendered by these members. It was headed by Corporal Shabbir Mandasorewala.

  • Security:

The members were as usual deputed to their duty spots. Them being the Qibla gate, MSB, Main gate and Syedna Hatim Road Intersection. They would stand there till they were called back for Waaz Tallaqi and would return to their posts as soon as the waaz ended. Duties to the various posts were on rotational bases. Liaisons with the Rangers and police were made for effective security.

  • Medical Camp:

The Medical Camp, better known as the Mahal ul Shifa was set up providing any medical help needed to the mumineen. An attendee sat there entire day so that he could facilitate.

  • Waaz Tallaqi:

Members once assigned to the duties were called back at 10:15 so that they could go and attend the Waaz during the whole Nine days of duty. Similar was the case in the night Majlis, when reporting was at 7pm, members were caled back to attend the Majlis.

  • Sabeel:

As it has been happening in the yesteryears, a grand Sabeel is put up in the Parking lot of the Masjid. For that reason, there were no cars allowed inside the parking lot. After the Matami Majlis got off, members were immediately assigned to the lines to ensure smooth flow management.

Other activities included providing providing Protocol to the Aamil Sahab Karachi, Janab Yousuf Bhaisahab and Janab Mustaali Bhaisahab, Scouts providing the Sadaqa Facility for Mumineen and a full procession on Ashura.


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Author: BAC-4 Yousufi Mohallah