Ashara Mubaraka 1437H – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

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  • Prologue:  This report is just a summary of what we did in the month of Muharram-ul- Haraam 1437H under the name of Burhani Ambulance Corps. It Focuses only on the various khidmat done by our members during Ashara 1437H, there are various occasions when Burhani Guards are called upon for different tasks centrally and regionally.  
  • Our Commitment: Division II Continues to support the Voluntary Principles of Burhani Guards as an operational and practical guideline. Respect for Human rights is reflected in our Group Values. We are committed to the safety and development of our fellow Mumineen and the communities and societies in our country as well.
  • Ashara Mubarak 1437H: Muharram-ul-Haram starts with Ghame-e-Hussain and Majalis-e-Aza all over. 1 Member of our division joined others internationally for the khidmat in Houston, while remaining performed Khidmat in Karachi. This year Al Farkhatul Azhar Mustafa Bhaisaheb is in Karachi for Majlis-eAzaa with Raza Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS and to bestowed barakaat on Mumineen of Karachi. Below is the bifurcation of Khidmat done by our members.
  • Security:  Security of the area and the Mumineen around has always been our special duty and so was during Muharram ul Haram. Moreover, keeping in view the current political conditions in the country security is one of the major concerns during these days of Azaa. Sindh Police is very cooperative and helpful during Muharram and stays around the masjid to cope with any unfortunate event.
  • Tamreez:  Members of Burhani Guards performed the esteemed service of bringing disabled and sick mumineen to masjid in Moharram-ul-Haram. Tamreez team consisting of 15 members’ everyday helped around 45 mumineen each day which included pickup from their houses on Lift chairs and bringing them to masjid on wheelchairs.
  • Traffic Control & Flow Management:   Urbanization and the ageing of population are the key mega trends creating the need for managing traffic flow in area and people flow to Masjid. An impressive duty schedule was setup by the officers for around 4500 Mumineen coming to masjid. Therefore the flow needed to be suitably regulated, avoiding jams etc.
  • Parking:    Members were allotted duty for parking of Car and Bikes near Saify Foundation and Sindh Boot House Gali.
  • Nazafat:   “Cleanliness is half of faith (Imaan)”   As per Aqa Maula TUS Farman Mubarak, members of Burhani Guards performed Nazafat Khidmat which includes proper road cleaning, Road Drainage and Weed Spraying.
  • Mawaid:   Members of our division are also involved in the khidmat of Mawaid during Niyaz Jaman which is encouraged by the superiors.
  • Niaz-e-Hussain (A.S):  Like Every Year in Muharram Division II has been performing khidmat of Niaz-e-Hussain. Members contributed well for International Niaz as well our Mohallah Niaz.   

May Allah Taala grant us taufeeq and strength to perform these Khidmats according to the khushi Mubarak of Huzurala TUS and thereby gather the barakaat and reap the rich rewards of “AKHERAT” MAY ALLAH TAALA KEEP OUR MAULA TUS IN MALABIS FAKHERA OF SEHAT AND AAFIYAT TAA ROZE QAYAMAT.




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Author: BAC-2 Taheri Mohallah