Ashara Mubaraka 1437H – Saify Mohallah – Division 14

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“Khidmaat performed in Ashara Mubaraka 1437H”

  1. Wa’az Duty at Saify Mohallah:

Reporting time for morning wa’az was 9:00AM sharp. All members reported on time and were allocated duties. Members were deputed for duties at ground, entrance/exit gates & outside the compound.

  1. Security Arrangements:

Rangers and Police officers were available every time during wa’az and majlis for security arrangements because all members were called off from duty to do Wa’az Talaqqi.

  1. Wa’az Talaqqi:

Members were off from duty in an hour asap to attend Wa’az & do talaqqi mubarak as per Maula TUS farmaan-e-Aali.

  1. Night Majlis:

Reporting time for night majlis was 07:00PM sharp. Majlis started at 07:30PM daily and members were called off from duty as Majlis started. All members attended the majlis & gave their participation in Maatam & then again got back on duties.

  1. Parking Arrangements:

Members also made parking arrangements good for mumineen who had to go on jobs after Wa’az & before majlis as well.

  1. Al-Tamreez and Raahat:    

Members helped handicapped & sick Mumineen for lifting them on the wheel chairs & to bring them from their houses to the Masjid to take barakaat of Wa’az Mubarak and also Raahat block was set-up at masjid to facilitate mumineen and muminaat.

  1. Pass Check-In:

Passes were signed with timings & Counting data were shared with Amil Saheb on daily basis.

  1. 8. Sabeel-e-Anwar Khidmat:

Sabeel-e-Anwar was made by us and fresh drinking water with honey & Rose fragrance was served.

  1. Maqtal Mauqib:

Mauqib was arranged by us with the mumineen of Saify Mohallah.

  1. Ladies Guide:

Members of ladies guide made sitting arrangements & discipline very well at ladies masjid.


“We’re never able to thank our beloved AQA MAULA TUS for such blessings & just because of his Nazaraat we’re able to give our best in Khidmat … May Allah bless us more with coming years in shelter of   “AQA MAULA TUS” Aamen!



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Author: BAC-14 Saify Mohallah