ASHARA MUBARAKA 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallatul Burhaniyah

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A new Hijri year started with the ghum, buka and matam of IMAM HUSSAIN A.S. Our 11 members went to Surat, India to perform international duty. We, Div III performed khidmat with nishaat as we always do in our Mohallah. The incharge of our mohallah was Shaikh Mustaali Abde Ali and the other central members were Mulla Ali Asgher Hakimuddin Samiwala, Mulla Ali Asgher Shabbir Hussain Furniturewala, Quaid Johar Ebrahim Ramakdawala. Along with guards, we had Scouts, Shaheen, MTC and Ladies Guides to perform khidmat under the platform of BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS.

As our Mohallah is big and the momineen are also in large numbers, so we covered the whole area ensuring the entry and exit points are managed by the help of tents and barricades. The reporting time for Waaz Mubarak was 9 am and on few days it was 9:30am and for Majlis 7pm sharp as instructed by the control room. But all the members and officers reached the masjid complex before the reporting time showing their concern towards the Mohallah and khidmat of our MOULA TUS. We daily collected the Nazrul Makam (AS) and do sadqa before going towards our duty points. The duty points for guards were B1, B2, B3, B4, back gate, main gate, mehal-ul-shifa, and mess. For Scouts sahen, masjid surrounding, ladies’ sitting area in jamat khana and rahat. For shaheen the shoe stalls, MTC managed the masjid area as always and girls guide perform duty as well. Police and rangers were also present at every point with the members. Many officers of police and rangers visited our mohallah in which DSP Mansoor Bajwa visited on 2nd Majlis and wing commander Asad also visited.

We also provided shuttle service to momineen and we issued around 150 passes to the bikes and vehicles so that only those authentic vehicles were allowed to enter the masjid complex. We had great coordination with Amil Sahab and he supported us and help us to solve our queries. On 8th Moharram some of the political party members of Sindh Assembly were invited to have NIAZ jaman.

Members daily got sharaf of Waaz Mubarak of Shahzada Sahab and AQA MOULA TUS when it was relayed live from Surat. We did sadaqa bakra on 4th moharram and 9th moharram respectively. Members also did tasbeeh of ‘’YA HUSSAIN” and on 8th Moharram we did tasbeeh of “SALAWAT” too.
The tasbeeh counting for PANJTAN PAK (A.S)  in Moharram 1436-h is:  3,394,774 – ‘’We presented this tasbeeh counting list to our Mohallah Amil Sahab’’

On the day of Ashura as always we facilitate the ones who are not able to attend Waaz Mubarak due to their disabilities, so we picked them from their homes on wheel chairs and special arrangements were done for them in Rahat camp for Waaz talaki.
In the end we BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS DIV III thank our Officers and central members for their support, help and hard work with us and due to the Raza and saya Mubarak of our Beloved AQA MOULA TUS we yet again were able to perform duty with nishaat and did khidmat of dawat and momineen.


Author: BAC-3 Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah