Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Mohallah tul Fakhriyah – Division 16

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During Moharram ul Haraam the days of Imam Hussain, we members of Division 16 Guards, Scouts,Shaheen,MTC, Ladies Guide and Vigilance,  performed both fulfilling the Deeni Umoors and also performing Khidmat with Khuloos and Nishat to get the Khushi Mubarak of Imam Hussain and His Dai Ali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS).

We members performed following Khidmats :

Mumineen Waaz follow up

  • Members of Guards following the farman of Khabar Giri daily stay after majlis with the collaboration of khidmat guzars called and went to the houses of Mumineen to convince to come to Waaz.
  • Daily follow up of Mumineen and submitting the report to Amil Saheb.

Sabeel Anwar

  • Members of Shaheen did the khidmat of Sabeel e Anwar in before and after of Waaz and Majlis

Mahal u Shifa Camp

  • Facility of pharmaceutical and First Aid was provided.
  • Team of 3 Doctors daily visited the camp for the checkup of Mumineen.
  • Total of 40 Patients were benefited and cured from the Mahl u Shifa camp.

Relay Arrangements in homes of Mumineen

  • Members of Guards did the arrangements of Relay at homes of Mumineen for Waaz Mubarak.

Mohallah P.R & complete lisan with police & Rangers

  • Security of Mohallah was necessary therefore members of P.R arranged police and rangers for security of markaz

Rahat Sitting, Ladies , Gents seating arrangement & helping handicapped

  • Members of MTC and ladies Guides arranged the seating arrangements
  • Members of scouts of were assigned the list of 15 handicapped mumineen to bring them from home to markaz on wheel chairs and vehicles daily for waaz.

Niyaz e Hussain Araz

  • All members contributed in Niaze Hussain and was submitted on 9th Moharram to Amil Saheb.

Taam Khidmat , Pirsa (Food Parcel) Distribution & Sharbat making & distribution

  • Members of Guards, MTC and Scouts participated in Taam Khidmat.
  • Members prepared sharbat and distributed in all Thaals
  • Distribution of Pirsa to homes of mumineen,

Mohallah Security ,Vigilance ,Flow Management and parking vehicles

  • Members of Guards and Vigilance did security by standing and patrolling in surroundings of markaz.
  • Managed flow of mumeneen on roadside
  • Road crossing of Mumineen
  • Parking for Motor bikes and cars were manage in the allocated area at both markaz and Jamea by the members of Guards and scouts.

Sadaqah ,Nazrul Maqam and Khake Shifa Counter

  • Members of shaheen stand at the counter of Sadaqah,Nazrul Maqam and Khake Shifa before Waaz.

Al Jamea Tus Safiyah Duty

  • Members of shaheen stand at the counter of Sadaqah,Nazrul Maqam and Khake Shifa before Waaz.
  • Managed car and bike parking and to facilitate Mumineen.
Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah