Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Ibrahim Mohalla – Division 5

Categories: Domestic Events,Ibrahim Mohallah (Division-5)

Being the part of Burhani Ambulance Corps, Division 5 engaged in various activities during Ashara Mubarak 1441H.


“Our activities has been divided into 2 areas:-
– Ibrahim Masjid
– Noor Hall”

“Other than routine duties this year we had some Extra activities during Ashara Days which includes

– Random Inspections
– Exchange Captains for 1 Day to experience activities of other division
– Sabeel e Imam Hussain (as) “

Activities performed by Div 5 are as follows:

Reporting of Members:
Our Waaz duty reporting time was 09:00 am and night majlis reporting time was 07:30 pm. IT team marked attendance of members as per given schedule, all members cards scanned by IT members on BAC attendance application, later on sync to web portal. Members also marked their waaz attendance to specific person through ITS card. Then we deputed duties to members.

Security & Vigilance
For security purpose we closed the street with the help of “Qanat” and only allow pedestrian to pass from the street. Our members were standing on main road for security and vigilance before waaz and majlis when mumineen came to Masjid from surrounding area and also standing after “Niaz Jaman” so mumineen safely reach to their homes.

We have arranged pick and drop services for old age and handicapped mumineen through bike (15 mumineen) and wheel chairs (13 mumineen) living in the scattered vicinity. Specially during the rainy days we arranged pickups for all mumineen who live far from Masjid

Waaz and Majlis Talaqqi
As per farman, it is mandatory for all member to leave their duty spots at 10:15am & do talaqqi of Waaz Mubarak & After Namaz rejoin their designated spots. At night members attended night majlis

Nazafat Amal
Our members also participated with daily nazafat amal after night majlis. During rainy days we cleaned our street and clear way for mumineen to reach easily to masjid in collaboration with Union Council & municipal staff.

Niaz-e-Hussain (A.S)
“Fakhir Niaz-e-Hussain (as) has been araz to Masool ul Moaze Shk. Khuzema Ramakra Wala (Jamea Ustad) which includes
– International Niaz e Hussain (as)
– Ashura Niaz-e-Hussain (as)”

“Various members from Guards & Girls guide regularly participated in Ittam-ut-Taam khidmat. On 8th Moharram Ul Haram Niaz maximum member participated in Ittam-ut-Taam khidmat from start till end – (public till upri)

Duties of MTC and Girls Guide
“- Sitting arrangements during Waaz & Majlis
– Helping disable & old age mumineen during Waaz & Majlis.
– Maintain proper discipline in Waaz & Majlis.”

Public Relation
To maintain strong relationship with outsider we invited government officials & Union Council members for Niaz-e-Hussain (A.S).

Baji Roti
We also organized all the activities for baji roti on Ashura day.

Tafheem Khidmat
This year our target is to bring each and every individual of Ibrahim Mohallah in the Majlis of Imam Hussain (A.S) as per farman of Aali Qadar Maula (TUS), keeping in mind on the 1st day (2nd Moharram) around 35+ mumineen didn’t attend the waaz, which eventually decreased to 4 on the 9th Moharram.

We thanks to our central coordinators – M. Ali Asghar Fida Hussain Zakir & Hasnain Akbar Ali Rampura Wala to continously followup with us during 9 days of ashara mubarak and assist us for the betterment of division activities and members.

In the last we pray GOD to give healthy, wealthy and long life to our spiritual leader Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S) and inayat taufeeq Burhani Ambulance Corps to serve him honestly, faithfully & obediently and also serve the mumineen under the vision for Burhani Guards that “BRING MUMINEEN CLOSER TO AQA MAULA (TUS)”


Author: BAC-5 Ibrahim Mohallah