Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – AMM – Division 8

Categories: Al-Mohallatul Mohammediyah (Division-8),Domestic Events

Security arrangement

  • Police personnel were deputed around Masjid-e-Hakimi Complex and surrounding area
  • Police and Rangers mobile were also patrolling randomly around Masjid-e-Hakimi and surrounding areas
  • H.O also visited on 8th Moharram 1441H to review security arrangements and also did have Niaz-e-Hussain.
  • Masid and its outer area is also under camera surveillance.

Rahat block arrangement

  • Separate blocks were allocated for Zuyuf and Handicapped mumineen.
  • 8 wheelchairs were operating to facilitate mumineen.
  • Around 200 chairs were provided on daily basis.
  • Mehle Shifa Camp was also operating for medical emergency.

Relay arrangement

  • Division members were supporting Mic Room committee of mohallah for relay arrangement.
  • Mumineen were quite satisfied with relay arrangement.

Zuyuf pick and drop arrangement

  • Before Ashara 1441H, division did design a google form regarding Zuyuf Pick and Drop arrangement and circulated in mohallah.
  • Three vehicles were in used to facilitate Zuyuf Pick and Drop.
  • Two members were deputed to pick and drop Zuyuf from and to their door steps.

Public flow management

  • Around 50 Guards and Scouts members were deputed Masjid-e-Hakimi surrounding areas for flow management.
  • Parking area was allocated for mumineen with security arrangement.
  • Members were also deputed to manage flow of mumineen on Sabeel-e-Anwar.
  • Members were continually on patrolling.

Mumineen Khabargiri 

  • As per Farman Mubarak of AQA MAULA T.U.S division did liason with mohallah ITS team to choke out a list of mumineen who were not attending Waaz since day one.
  • Division deputed four members to carry out this task with Jamaat.
  • Members did counsel around 70 mumineen out 109 and were able to bring 40 mumineen in Waaz Mubarak.
  • Report was araz to Amil Saheb on 8th Moharram on how task was carried out.
Author: BAC-8 Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah