Ashara Mubarak – 1441H – Adam Mohallah – Division -I

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  • Members were ready for the azeem khidmat of Ashara Mubarak since a weeks ahead, this year also Burhani Guard (Adam Mohalla) did the khidmat of Tayzeen.
  • From the first day till ashura members were call on duty by 9:00am.
  • Mumineen bikes were parked on the backside empty plot of masjid, about 200 motor cycles were parked daily
  • A team of members was made which was gaven the assignment of bringing zuyuf from their home and make the possibilities for their vaaz talaqi.
  • About 150 mumineen and mumineenat were sat in Rahat block on chairs and did vaaz talaqi in day and night.
  • Daily Sadaqa Counter was place on the main gate of masjid.
  • By 10:30am each and every members was suppose to sit in masjid and do vaaz talaqi.
  • After vaaz Mubarak two main road crossing was done smoothly with the collaboration of police and PR member of mohalla.
  • During the niyaz jaman after vaaz motorcycle parking was done on the plot adjacent the Jamaat khana
  • Division 1 also did arz niyaz-e-hussain on takhteimami.
  • Division also arranged the management of maqtal procession.
  • In the same manner members also performed duty at badri masjid day & night
  • This year burhani guard (adam mohallah) also place the Sabeel for the mumeen & muslamin.
  • Members of burhani guard (adam mohallah) also recite the Shahadat of Imam Hussain AS in night majlis.


At the end may allah subhanohu grant our wish of again and again performing these and more khidmaats in presence of Bawa Shafiq TUS in Karachi soon.


Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah