ASHARA MUBARAK, 1436H – Ibrahim Mohallah – Division 5

Categories: Domestic Events,Ibrahim Mohallah (Division-5)

As the year starts with the Aza and Matam of Imam Hussain (a.s) which is consider the most important phase in Momin’s life, as guided by Aqa Maula (t.u.s), and it provides each one of us to do the best to participate in Gham of Imam Hussain by different means, which is known as KHIDMAT.

Considering the above factor of Khidmat, Burhani Guards & Scouts always plays a major role in performing several activities on different levels, starts from momineen’s security & safety to masjid tanzeem and from nazafat to tamreez.

Being the part of Burhani Ambulance Corps, Div V (Guards, Scouts &Girls Guide) also engaged in various activities during Ashara Mubarak 1436H.

As per every year’s routine, Div V performed Khidmat on 2 major spots

  • Ibrahim Masjid
  • Noor Hall

Activities which are being performed by Div V are as follows:-

  • Security
  • Nazafat Amal
  • Shoe Stall
  • Mahal us shifa
  • Facilitation to Handicapped Person
  • Transportation Service
  • Sadaqa Counter
  • Attend Waaz and matam majlis
  • Masjid Tanzeem Committee
  • Ittaam-ut-taam
  • Laagan Iftari Participation
  • Ashura Camp
  • Performing KHIDMAT in Surat Ashara Mubaraka 1436H
  • Tasabeeh & Duas recitation as per Aqa Maula’s Khushi
  • Participation in Niaz-e-Hussain (a.s)
  • International Ziyafat Participation

Lastly, we pray Allah Subhanahu to give a long and healthy life to our spiritual leader Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S) and inayat taufeeq to us for serving mumineen with honesty, faithfulness & obedience under the saya-e-rehmat of Maula Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S).


Author: BAC-5 Ibrahim Mohallah