Ashara 1440H Report – BAC DIV VIII

Categories: Al-Mohallatul Mohammediyah (Division-8)

Each and every member of Burhani Guards and Scouts is passionate for the khidmat of Aqa Maula Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S), our main goal is to achieve the happiness of our beloved Aqa Maula (T.U.S)and to facilitate Mumineen by all possible means.

Like every year in Moharram-Ul-Haram for 9 days, Guards and Scouts performed several duties from morning till night. The duties range from controlling traffic & public flow management, Rahat sitting, Pick & Drop service for Mumineen (Patients), Security of Masjid Complex, Police Liaison and Followup.

In Ashara 1440H some important points which we covered are:

Public Flow Management:

The flow of mumineen was managed by Burhani Guards and Scouts on way to masjid, at Sabeel-e-Anwar and on way to home.

Security Measures

The main concern for Ashara 1440H was security as we all know the law and order situation of our city specially during Ashara. We did our level best to secure our mohallah with barricades and members were present on all the check points from where the unknown vehicles and persons entered the surrounding of Masjid.

Police and rangers were also present on duty points with members to ease the situation and rangers also visited our mohallah and surrounding regularly.


Members performed duty during both Waaz and Majlis and reporting was done on all times on time for members to maintain their record.


Most important responsibility of members was to take care and gave pick and drop services to handicapped and medically not well mumineen. This team also makes arrangements for waaz relay at houses for those mumineen who are not capable to come to masjid.

Waaz Talaqqi

As per farman every mumineen should attend waaz from start so Burhani Guards and Scouts members were off from their duties and sat in Masjid from start as per farman.

Niaz-e-Hussain Khidmat

Members also did araz Niaz-e-Hussain on 7th Moharram and did Naiz-e-Hussain khidmat on 8th Moharram


Author: BAC-8 Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah