Aqa Maula Wafat Sipara From Friday To Monday – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

Categories: Adam Mohallah (Division-1),Domestic Events

17-January-2014 To 21-January-2014

  • Members were urgently called to Adam Masjid on Friday on wafat of Al Dai Ajal Syedna wa Molana Abul Quaid Johar Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A.
  • On Saturday 18th Dutytime was 08:00 am, Sunday 19th Duty time was 12:00 noon and on Monday 21st Duty time was 09:00 am.
  • Members also performed duty after Majlis
  • Members were called for sipara at Magrib Namaz.
  • After Majlis members performed duty for making momineen to reach Tayabiyah.
  • After jaman members performed duty on their allotted points.
Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah