A Trip to Alladin Park – Fakhri Mohallah – Division 16

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Like all our Division XVI also decided to avail such a superb opportunity to visit the Aladdin Park, which was organized by Division VIII on the day of 23rd of March. It was a great opportunity for Burhani Scouts as we had a 10% discount on tickets which cost us 270 Rs each. Moreover the ticket just not only included 20 exciting rides but the transport and refreshment as well..! Our whole team of Scouts and Shaheen just loaded onto the bus and hustle towards the park.

Aladdin Park was filled with rides, people, and excitement. The children were so excited and the adults felt as if they were young again. The number of people in the park continued to grow as the park has created new thrilling rides and activities for all people throughout the city. Most people waited in long queues to get on a ride, while others roamed around. Some of the rides that the park included were: Discovery, Spin Bus, The Cyclone and many more, both for the kids and adults. These rides were breath taking, made people scream, and required a strong stomach to get on them. The park offered great food like Gola Ganda and Fizzy drinks; however, the refreshment was enough to pay off.

The Lift Chairs were amazing!!! You couldn’t just wait to get in, while sitting in it from around 30 ft high you would get an amazing aerial view of the whole park nearly at a glance. One of the rides we all awaited eagerly to get on was called “The Discovery”. It was like a juggler that rotated around you in loops, four times at approximately 80 miles per hour. This ride was breath taking if you haven’t got on it before. The Discovery was not recommending for children or people with high blood pressure.

Finally this incredible day at Aladdin Park ended and we all departed with loads of fun, enjoyment and the ceaseless thrilling experience.



Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah