2nd U.L, S.P.L and S.S.L Training Class

Categories: Central Events

Date: –              08th January 2013

Venue: –          BAC 7 Office (Soldier Bazar)

Time: –             9:30 pm


The meeting was conducted by the committee members namely

  1. M AliAsghar Bhai Amaan
  2. M. Aliasghar Sami wala
  3. Moiz Murtaza Bhai Shiekhbhai
  4. Yousuf Bhai Mazhar 

Topics Covered:- Written Test & Fall-in signs

Meeting started on 9:30 pm, general test was conducted by trainers, in which all UL, SPL, & SSL has to be appeared. Test time was 30 minutes

At 10:10pm, M. Ali Asgher Samiwala conducted fall in signs class, explained fall in signs and how to make and give signs and questions for parade, give brief explanation.

At 10:20pm M .Ali Asgher Bhai Aman asked about Sunday meeting in all units from unit leaders, brief about their surveys in every unit on Sunday and gave instructions to conduct meeting on time and UL, SPL, & SSL must be on time also.

Names were submitted by units for rover moot in Canada

Class ended at 10:30pm

Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah