Iqbal Day Celebrations and Sunday Meeting- Division III- Al-Mohallah-Tul-Burhaniyah

On 15th November, Shaheen training and activity meeting was called at 10:30 am. Agenda of this meeting was to celebrate Dr. Allama Iqbal Day. Activity was started by the recitation of Tilaqat-e-Quran, continued with Shaheen Scout Promise and than the programs were as follows: Iqbal Poem. Parade/March Past. Speech Competition on Iqbal Day (English and Urdu…


Urus Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed (R.A) – Hyderabad Division

Burhani Guards and Burhani Girls Guide performed duty on Urus Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed (R.A) At Badri Mohalla (Saddar) and Burhani Nagar, Hyderabad. The reporting time for the duty was 7:45 pm. All members were allotted duties to their respective points. Flow management, Al – Tamreez, Security, traffic control etc were the following duties performed by the members.