General Meeting – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohalla

General meeting was held on 02nd June after 16mi raat darees ended. Agenda of meeting was Ramzan arrangement and changes in NCOs List : Hussain Hakim Surti was promoted to Corporal. Adnan Shaikhbhai was appointed as a new Lance Corporal. Yousuf Najmuddin Javeri was appointed as a new Lance Corporal.


Yawm-ul-Mabas – Waaz Mubarak – 15th May 2015 – Adam Mohalla

Members were called up on duty in proper unifrom at 9 am at Adam masjid. Members of Burhani Guards and Burhani Scouts of neighboring mohalla also reported at Adam masjid. Members were alloted the duties by the in charges. To facilities the mumineen; parking was done at different spot away from the masjid arena for security…