Mind refreshing activities at Al Nadil-e-Burhani – 26th May 2015 till 30th May 2015

After fully tired from  exams, some mind refreshing and relaxation activities were setup for the members at Al Nadil-e-Burhani. Taking benefit of indoor games; a  tournament comprising of table tennis and table foot ball was conducted for the entertainment of members. Following divisions participated in this tournament. Division 1 (Adam Mohalla) Division 2 (Taheri Mohalla) Division 9…


General Members Meeting and New UL Appointment – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohalla

Members general meeting regarding Ramzan ul Moazzam Ohbat was held on 10th June 2015 at Markaz Fakhria. Meeting started with recitation of Holy Quran. Main agenda of the meeting was regarding the security arrangement in Ramzan ul Moazzam 1436H. Hussain Morporwala transfered from Scouts to Guards and following new changes were made in the NCOs of…


Urus Maulatina Hurratul Malika RA – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

8-June-2015 Burhani Guards and Scouts performed duty on Urus Maulatina Hurratul Malika (RA) Reporting time for Majlis was 07:45 pm. Janab Mufaddal B.S presided the Majlis. Members performed various duties like Handicap Services, Masjid Security, Parking and Flow Management. Salawaat Jaman was served after Majlis.


Games at Al Nadil-e-Burhani – 02 June 2015

Kim’s Game & Pass the message; these two activities were held on Tuesday dated :- 02/06/2015 at Al Nadil-e-Burhani for the entertainment of members. Participant division in this were as follows :- Division 1 (Adam Mohalla) Division 2 (Taheri Mohalla) Division 5 (Noor Hall) Division 9 (Saleh Mohalla) Division 10 (Essa Mohalla) Division 11 (Hasani Mohalla) Kim’s…