Wafaat Molatena Fatema (A.S) – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

27-February-2015 Reporting time for Wafaat Molatena Fatema (A.S) Majlis Duty  was 07:00 pm. Members were allotted their respective duty points. Members performed various duties like Handicap, Masjid Security, Parking and Flow Management . Salawaat Jaman was served after Majlis.

Meeting snap 3

General Meeting with member – Adam Mohalla – Div 1

¤ The meeting was started with Tilawat e Quran Majeed. ¤ Those member who have been bestowed with N.K.D title are congratulated. ¤ N.C.O’s meeting points with central committee are conveyed to members. ¤ Thaali must be taken by all members. ¤ Members are briefed about. ¤ Qutbi Amanat Scheme & its benefit to be…