Wajebaat Takhmeem – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah – Division 3

From 5th of Ramazan daily morning Wajeebat Takhmeem Bethak held at Dewaree (Jamaat Office), Burhani Guards 7 members daily come at Dewaree (Jamaat Office) to perform their duties and guide Mumineen, Sub Committee members also helped us. The duty was from 9 am till 1 pm.  


Ramadan-al-Moazaam Activities at Adam Mohallah – Division 1

As we all know that ramazan ul kareem is the holy month and month of getting as much beneficence as we can, so as the member of Burhani Guards Trust we perform our duties with more heart and soul as compare to our different duties. In this month Adam Mohalla members performs different duties for…


Shahadat Moulana Ali Waaz – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

July 26, 2013 – The duty was called on for the Shahadat Moulana Ali Waaz and the reporting time was set to 9:00 AM. Members of Guards and Scouts participated in Khidmat and assisted in security management, parking, Flow management and other necessary duties. Al-Tamreez section performed khidmat for the disabled and old people to attend…


Ramadan 1434H Khidmat – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah

DUTIES IN RAMADAN-UL-MOAZZAM: Members of Burhani Guards Trust rendered their service during the auspicious month of Ramadan. There was several duty points set for convenience of mumineen during the month of Ramadan. 1.      Parking : Members were scheduled to report to the Masjid complex one hour before magrib so that they could manage the flow…


Wajeebaat Bethak – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah – Division 3

During wajebaat bethak, members stood to guide mumineen to go in a queue to collect their wajebaat tokens. Members were also assigned to give mumineen these tokens. According to their token numbers, they were called by another group of members to make their wajebaat envelope. After this process, members guided mumineen to Aamil Saheb’s office…


Ramadan ul Moazzam Khidmat – Division 9 – Saleh Mohallah

Members of Scout and Guards of Division 9 Performing Khidmat in this Holy month of Ramadan.  We araz sajadaat-ush-shukar  that we got the sharaf of doing khidmat of our beloved AQA MAULA (TUS) and his MANSUS. Members Reports at 6:00 pm an Perform different Khidmat like Parking, Flow Management, Security and Handicap.


Ramadan-al-Moazaam Activities – Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah – Division 8

Reporting time for Ramadan duty is 6:00 pm. We perform several duties 6:00 pm to Niaz Jaman. Before maghrib we distribute iftari (biscuits) to mumineen, to look after parking and shoe locker stalls in both gents and ladies. After iftari scouts members move mumin to mumin to gather biscuit wrappers. After Isha Namaz and Jaman…