1st U.L, S.P.L and S.S.L Training Class

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Unit leader, senior patrol leader and shaheen scout leader 1st Training class was scheduled 18th December 2012 at Hyderi division 3 at 9pm . The meeting was conducted by the committee members namely

  1. M AliAsghar Bhai Amaan
  2. M. Aliasghar Sami wala
  3. Moiz Murtaza Bhai Shiekhbhai
  4. Yousuf Bhai Mazhar 

Meeting started at 9:30 p.m, Mulla Ali Asgher Aman conducted class of scout promise and asked each units that how they conduct their meetings in their respective units and how they start meeting usually in their units.

At 09:45 p.m, Mulla Mustafa Zakir Hussain conducted footdrill and fall-in class, explain fall-in signs and how to make give signs and questions for parade, give brief explanation of attention, stand at ease, right turn, left turn and about turn.

At 10:25 p.m, Mulla Ali Asgher Samiwala introduce new scouting game to leaders, which they can perform with their units game named as “Ball Scramble”

Class ended on 10:30 p.m, with instructions to practice such activities in their units

  • The Meeting Introduction Class was conducted by M AliAsghar Bhai Amaan
  • The Drill Class was conducted by the professional Mustafa bhai Zakir 
  • The class started at 11 am sharp and came to an end at 12:15
  • The topic for the day was Meeting control and Drill Practise
  • The class went very well and members learned a lot out of it.

The meeting ended at 10:30 pm

Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah