1st SBSA Rembhlar Hike July 2012

Categories: Central Events

The hike was conducted by the Sindh boy scout association, In which 5 members of Burhani Scouts participated.

1) Daniyal Shk Aliasghar Jorbai (DIV VII)

2) Hussain Mohammed Hussain (DIV IX)

3) Murtaza (DIV IX)

4) Adnan Abbas (DIV VIII)

5) Aliasghar Morpur (DIV XVI)

This Hike was dated from the 1st till the 10th of July 2012.

This Hike is a proficiency Badge which is compulsory in order to apply for the President Rover Scout.

The hike course was thrilling and extremely tough, Members of Burhani Scouts walked for 7 days continuously starting from Naran Valley which is in K.P.K to Muzaffarabad which is in Kashmir.

The route was as follow:

Naran to Saiful Muluk — Saiful Muluk to Naran again — Naran to Buravai — Buravai to Daschali –Daschali to Jorr – Jor to Ratti Gali Base- Ratti gali base to Ratti gali finish – then to Duariyan and finally reaching muzaffarabad. A total of 160 km with bag packs and other items for survival were carried all the way by members.

Author: Burhani Ambulance Corps (Central)