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Burhani Guards Adam Mohallah organized the “1st Interdivision Scout Cycle Rally” for the youth of Burhani Guards.

The motto of the event was to create awareness “FOR BETTER HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT”.

Day night 90 days Hardworking was brought to a colorful reality on 9th July 2017

Total 90 members of scouts divided in 20 teams of 5 members each participated in this event. Total 12 KM distance of route they had to complete by passing out the different checkpoint and solving the clue sheet which they got from the different checkpoints.

Participants were holding YA HUSSAIN flags and different placards stating below messages

  • Be a Hafiz e Quran
  • Keep City clean
  • Say no to Tobacco
  • Love Pakistan

12 numbers of checkpoints were placedalong their route, from which they have collect the gifts, play the game and collecting their clue sheet for moving onward.

Opening Ceremony was held at 7:30 am at Adam Masjid, in which respectful aamil saheb Adam mohalla SHK. Mustafa Bhai Bharmal, SP South Madam Shehla Qureshi, Central body of Burhani Guard Trust, Unit Leaders of Burhani Scout and others werepresent to start the memorable event.

On the route of cyclist hidden marshals were placed whoseduty wasto make sure that no unforeseen incident happens and also if the cyclists take the wrong path or violets discipline rules they mark negative point.

Members enjoyed alot in this event and passing out their all checkpoint they reach their final destination by 12:30 pm at Al Nadi-al -Burhani(Old Clifton), where the closing ceremony held and they were free to use the swimming pool as well.

In closing ceremony Our honorable Aamil saab Karachi Janab Juzer BS, Sports secretary Sindh Mr. Saleem Raza, Secretary Faiz e Hakimi Karachi Mohtaram Shk. Noman khairullah, Central body of Burhani Guard Trust and other valuable and respectful members from different mohalla were present.

Different gifts and momentous were distributed before announcing the winners name of the event.

  • Best Decorated Cycle
  • Best Equipped Cycle
  • Best Captain
  • Best Selfie

The winner of this event was the team Aqua from Division-16 (Fakhri Mohalla).

2nd Runner up was team Golden from Division-11 (Hasani Mohalla)

3rd Runner up was team Orange from Division-7 (Mohammadi Mohalla)

Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah