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Burhani Ambulance Corps. Saleh Mohallah Div-9 organized the “1st Interdivision Burhani Scout Talent Hunt Event”.
The Event Is Organize to Find The Talent Between Our Divisions

Day night almost 65 days of Hardworking was brought this event on its final stage on 26/01/2017

Total 120 members of scouts divided in 10 teams of 10 members each participated in this event. Total there are 13 Competitions which are under following:

1.Recycling Competition
2.Art Card Competition
3.Comedy Skit Competition
4.Madeh Competition
5.Qirat Competition
6.Spelling Bee Competition
7.Quiz Competition
8.Live Sketching Competition
9.Badminton Competition
10.Table Tennis Competition
11.Carrom Board Competition
12.Photo Contest Competition
13.Kite Flying Competition

Opening Ceremony was held at 7:30 pm at Saleh Masjid, in which respectful Aamil saheb Saleh Mohallah Janab Mufaddal bs Tayyeb bs Taiyebi, , Central body of Burhani Guard Trust, Unit Leaders of Burhani Scout and others were present to start the memorable event.

On 2nd Day Of The Event Whcih is held at 7:30 pm at Al-Nadil-e-Burhani Queens Road were All The Sports Competitions and photo contest take palce

In closing ceremony Our honorable Aamil sahab Karachi Janab Juzer BS, Central body of Burhani Guard Trust and other valuable and respectful members from different mohallah were present.

Different gifts and momentous were distributed before announcing the winners name of the event.

The winner of this event was the Division-3 (Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniya).

1st Runner up was team Golden from Division-6/13 (Qutbi Mohallah-Burhani Mohallah)

2nd Runner up was team Orange from Division-4 (Yusufi Mohallah)

Author: BAC-9 Saleh Mohallah