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Ashara Ohbat 1437 Karachi – Burhani Guards Officers meeting

Each year mumineen around the world, and in particular, we mumineen of Karachi – Pakistan, wait with  anticipation, for the fasal Mubarak of Ashara Mubaraka for that particular year. However, this year it has to be different. With the ongoing ohbat, the intensity of purpose laid out by beloved AQA MAULA (TUS). Each day positive…


Burhani Scouts Group participates in Remblers Hike

Karachi Open Distric (@KODBSA). Association Karachi. has organized Remblers Hike in which 16 members of Burhani Scouts Group are participating.  We wish best of luck to all the members who have participated in this Hike. Venue: Nanga Parbat Base Camp From: 22 Aug, 2015 till 04 Sep, 2015.    


Promoting unity: Pakistan Rangers – Sindh leads peace walk in Karachi on 14th August 2015

A peace rally was taken out on Friday evening in the city; on M.A. Jinnah road by Pakistan Sindh Rangers. The rally for peace was well accompanied by the members of Dawoodi Bohra Community and people belonging to different walks of life and communities. The rally started from Tibet Center, passed through the M.A. Jinnah Road and winded up at the Numaish Chowrangi near Mausoleum…


Independence Day – 14th August 2015 Flag Hosting Ceremony – Hydri Divisions

Pakistan marked its 69th Independence Day on Friday when the country turned white and green to commemorate the occasion. To celebrate the this day Officers and Members of Burhani Guards and Scouts participated in the ceremony. Chief Guest for the event was Janab Amil Sahab  Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah. The Program of the ceremony was as follow: Flag…


Urus Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin (R.A) – Division II – Taheri Mohallah

Burhani Guards and Scouts Group performed duty on Urus Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin(R.A) . The reporting time for the duty was 7:30 pm All members were allotted duties to their respective points. Flow management , Al – Tamreez , traffic control etc were the following duties performed by the members  


Urus Syedi Hakimuddin R.A – 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

The reporting time for Urus Syedi Hakimuddin R.A Majlis was 7:30 pm sharp, 4 members reported on 6:45 pm to ensure parking arrangements for momineens who performed namaz with imamat. Members of Burhani Guards managed following duty points: Parking Security Flow management Surrounding area’s where momineens enter and exit masjid premises. Members of Burhani Scouts managed…


16mi Raat Darees – 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

-On the occasion of 16mi raat darees the reporting time was 7:30 pm and 4 members were called on 6:30 pm to ensure the parking arrangements for the momineens who came to offer namaz. -On this occasion Burhani Guards, scouts and MTC not only performed duty but also participated in pledges for the moharram 1437-H….


16mi Raat Darees – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

16mi Raat Darees was held on 31st July 2015 at Markaz Fakhria. Reporting time for members was 07:00 pm and members prayed namaz with Imamat. ITS Scanning of mumineen was done by members and report was submitted to Aamil sb Janab Shk. Abbas Naik. 7 members of scouts reported in Darees from Camp and after…