Burhani Centennial Trade Expo 2011

Our Valued Exhibitors, Respected Visitors, Participants & Our Treasured Team Mates,

This is the moment, we, Abeede Syedna AL Minaam (TUS) would take the immense pleasure in expressing our thanks to Dawate Hadiyah, Syedna Taher Saifuddin Memorial Foundation, Faize Hakimi, Al Jameatus Saifiyah, all our respected Ummal Kiraam, Anjumane Hasani Jamaat, Anjumane Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah, Anjumane Al Mohallatul Mohammediyah, all our Tanzeeem Committees, Board of Investment, KCCI, HCCI, our Creative Designer, foreign Mumineen Supporters, all our Dawoodi Bohra Web Portals, all of our Print and Electronic Media departments for supporting in all aspects and making this 100th Salgirah Celebrations a most unique and historic event in the history of Burhani Guards Trust.

We, would also take the pleasure for thanking all our Supporters, Exhibitors, Participants, Visitors for making this event to be touched the highest peak of success, no doubt that it wasn’t been carrying this much applause if we didn’t had all of your esteemed support and assistance.

All of our office bearers, trustees, officers and members duly pay respect towards each and every feelings, expressions and support from everyone who have assisted us and who are showing over whelming happiness, since the event has been ended, the praising from all over the country and abroad makes us feeling flying in the air and tears roll out of our eyes for what we have done, we on our own aren’t this much capable in creating history for organizing such an event, we, would also like to thank you all of our messaging friends for showing their gratitude, respect and joy towards our organization,

Hum adna ane adna ghulamo ghuthnawo per bethi, bewe haatho ne jori, apna maathawo ne jhukawi, aankhon ma aansuwo na warasta samandar na saathe HUZOORE AALA (TUS) na DASTE MUBARAK ma aim modibana araz kariye che ke “HAMARA JAANO NA MALIK, HAMARA NAFS NA MALIK, HAMNE KHUSHI NA ATTA KARNAAR, HAMARA PER REHAMATO NA BARISHO NA WARSAVNAR, HAMNE I00 MI MILAADE MAIMOON NA MOKE PER AA TAQREEB KARVA MA HIMMAT, TAAQAT ANE BARAKAT NA AAPNAAR”, Ai AQA BURAHANUDDIN MAULA hum saglaj ghulamo aap MAULA (TUS) na QADAM MUBARAK na khaak baraber bi nathi, aap MAULA (TUS) ye ajab karam ane ehsaan farmawi ne hum ghulamo ne aawi khushi atta kidi ke jenu hum nasallo lug aap MAULA (TUS) nu shukr ada nathi kari sakta, hum hamaro jaano ne aap MAULA (TUS) taraf nichawar karye che, MAULA (TUS) hamari khidmato ne aap qabool kariye ane hum ghulamo ne parhami laiyye, hamari aankho maa si aansuwo na aa jaari samander ne qabool kariye MAULA (TUS) qabool kari laiyye. Hum adna ghulamo, sadatus shukr bajawiye che ke humne AQA MAULA (TUS) na wasila si ane aap MAULA (TUS) ni duawo na tufail ma aa azeemus shaan taqreeb karwa no moqe malo ane hum ghulamo saglaj SAADAT KIRAAM nu bhi shukr ada kariye che ke humne aap ni wisatat si MAULA (TUS) per fida thawo no moqe malo.

Aakhir ma hum ghulamo sajada bajawi ne Allah Taala na nazdeek hamara nafs ane jaan saathe aim dua kariye ke Khuda Taala apna maa ane bawa shafeeq AQA MAULA (TUS) ne sehat na malabis pehnawi ne qayamat talak umr daraaz ane daraaz kare AMEEN. BURHANI GUARDS TRUST-PAKISTAN


Open up new dimensions of doing business amongst Businessmen of the Country and also those around the world. It gives the exhibitors tremendous benefits and it is also a long-term investments for the growth of their businesses. This  Industrial and Trade Expo will showcase products and trends from nearly all the sectors of the economy e.g., Paper,  IT,  Engineering, Jewelers, Realtors,  Textiles, Glass, Electronics,  Food & Beverages, Hardware, Building Material, Service Industry , etc.

The expo strives to be an international event with the aim of providing the best platform for large companies, small and medium enterprises as well as suppliers to meet with hundreds of potential customers


Thought Behind the Event

As His Holiness Dr. Syenda Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) always emphasizes that a Mumin should feel proud of being a business owner
A mumin should be business minded and not service minded
(he should think like a business person).

Taking his guidance, we have planned BCTE 2011 to mark the100th Birth Anniversary of His Holiness.